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Please complete the form below covering Medical Information, TSC Social Media consent and Passport/Identity Information required for the .

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This agreement covers the Teddington Swimming Club trip to:

Easter Camp – Majorca 2019, Sunday 7th April – Sunday 14th April

Before you begin you will need a scan/copy of the swimmer's EHIC card in either pdf, png or jpg format and access to their passport details to fill in the details on the form. Please make sure all the details on the scans are legible. Please ensure the passport expires after 14th October 2019 as previously advised, see link https://www.passport.service.gov.uk/check-a-passport.

By submitting this on-line form I agree to my son/daughter joining this trip and confirm that I have provided all the information requested. In addition to this form you will be required to sign a paper copy of the Code of Conduct before attending the camp. The Code of Conduct is outlined below, but will be provided separately.


Teddington Swimming Club Swim Camp Mallorca – 7 - 14 April 2019

This document is aimed to give swimmers, and their parents, details of the Code of Conduct to which all swimmers and staff are expected to conform whilst travelling to and participating in the Swim Camp. This code has been adapted from that used by the Amateur Swimming Association of Great Britain and Middlesex County and is designed to ensure that the behaviour of the swimmers and staff members reflects well on the club and the sport in general. These measures are in place to ensure every swimmer has a productive and positive training camp.

Participation in the Swim Camp is dependent on agreement to the terms contained in this Code of Conduct.

Behaviour & Personal Conduct

  • Behaviour must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the sport and our club.

  • Language in public or relevant group situations must always be appropriate and socially acceptable.

  • Good behaviour and respect towards all team staff and any rules, which are laid down, is expected at all times.

  • Rowdy behaviour and a lack of respect towards hotel guests, staff, locals or other swimmers will not be tolerated.

  • All swimmers must take care not to cause nuisance, disturbance or damage to the airplanes, coaches, hotel, sports village and any other swim camp localities. Parents will be liable for any costs arising from damage caused by their child. Swimmers must respect the facilities and tidy up after themselves (drinks bottles, snack packaging etc)

Parents please ensure you have spoken to your child about behaviour and the importance of doing as the team manager/chaperones or coaches tell them. Failure to abide by the team rules will mean being subject to sanctions as detailed below. Good behaviour means the whole team has a good time.

Consumption of Alcohol, Smoking and use of illegal Drugs and Substances

  • The drinking of alcohol, smoking of tobacco, vaping, or any involvement with illegal or controlled substances is strictly forbidden to any swimmers.

  • Any of the above must not be consumed whilst on route or during the Camp. This rule also applies to all team members and staff regardless of age without specific prior consent of the team manager.

Hotel Rooms & Curfews

  • Swimmers will stay in the rooms that they have been allocated to. If there is a problem with the room the swimmer will contact the chaperone allocated to them. If the room allocation is not working swimmers may be swapped during the stay.

  • Swimmers are not permitted to leave their rooms at night after lights out. If there is a problem the swimmer must tell the chaperone when they are carrying out the hall walks after lights out.

  • Socialising with swimmers of the opposite sex will be restricted to public or lounge areas of the hotel as directed by the Team Manager.  Socialising in bedrooms with swimmers of the opposite sex is not allowed.

  • There should be no more than 6 swimmers of the same sex in any one room at a time. Noise must be kept to a minimum and should not be heard outside the room.  Please do not bring speakers for playing music, if found they will be confiscated until the end of the Camp. Failure to adhere to these rules will be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct.

  • Where an individual does not take responsibility for any breach of the Code of Conduct, collective responsibility will have to be applied.


  •  Attendance at all meetings, training sessions and any other activities during the trip is required unless previously agreed by the lead coach/team manager.

  • Swimmers must be prompt at meals and training sessions.

Photography & Social Media

  • Photographs of other swimmers may only be taken with their consent

  • When using social media you will not post anything that will negatively impact the club or say anything hurtful or untrue about another club member, official, coach or chaperone.

  • You must seek explicit permission from other club members when uploading photographs of them to social media and ensure that they are appropriately dressed.

  • All swimmers and parents should read the following ASA guidelines regarding social media:



Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in the following sanctions:

  1. Informal discussion and warning regarding behaviour

  2. Official verbal warning and exclusion from one or more camp activities.

  3. Phone call to parents – the swimmer will have to explain their behaviour to their parents and parents will be informed of the consequences of further sanctions.

  4. Suspension from competitions and/or the Club

  5. Returning home at parent’s expense and/or suspension or exclusion from the Club

The team manager and the lead coach shall deal with breaches of this Code of Conduct in the first instance. By signing this Code of Conduct you accept these conditions. The severity of the breach of the Code of Conduct will determine at what level the sanctions begin. If sanctions reach level 4 or above on return from the camp there will be a formal meeting with the head coach, the swimmer, a parent of the swimmer and a team member from the camp.

For Parents/Guardians of Swimmers under the age of 18 years and swimmers aged 18+

You will be required to sign a paper copy of the code of conduct.

Swimmer details

Enter the details of the swimmer to whom the application applies below.

Emergency contact details

Medical details

I consent to any medicines being given by the chaperones at the dose prescribed and have provided all the relevant information. (Please make sure you provide these in a sealed bag marked clearly with the swimmers name.)

If my child will be taking their own medication I confirm that I have provided them with sufficient medication, outlined below, for the duration of the camp. I/my child understands that they must not share medicines with any other swimmer.

Please advise us if any of the above changes or if your son/daughter come into contact with any contagious or infectious diseases or suffers any illness in the weeks before the trip begins.

I consent to any medical treatment being given which may be required in an emergency during the trip if the organisers feel it is the best interests of the swimmer. In a medical emergency I accept that every effort will be made to contact me but that this may not be possible before medical treatment is given. In all cases of emergency I give my consent for medical authorities to advise on any necessary treatment to be given.

I give my consent for my son/daughter to attend this trip. I understand that every care will be taken to safeguard my son/daughter, but that the club and the organisers cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or injury caused or suffered by my child arising during the trip.

Please check the boxes for any of the following that apply and provide details.

Open water swimming consent

The coaching team are planning one or more open water training sessions, which will depend on suitable conditions and water temperature, and will take place in the shallow part of the bay next to the hotel. This will be fully supervised and will be optional.

Media consent

Photographs and video images are taken during training in the pool and other camp activities. We share these via the TSC Twitter/Facebook accounts so that family at home can follow what is happening.

In addition, it is possible that these images or video may be used on the club website or facebook account. On return to the UK photographic images may be used in articles in the local press or magazines.

Identification document details

When entering the Passport/ID details please make sure that the details are exactly as on the Passport/ID. These details will be used to confirm flight details and cannot be changed, at check-in.


Upload documents

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By you (parent/guardian) and the swimmer indicating your agreement below you agree to the event conditions given on this form and give your consent for the swimmer to attend the event. An email will be sent to the contact address you provided confirming that consent has been received.

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