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Qualifying times

Qualifying times are published each year for entry into the Middlesex County, London Region and English and British National competitions. Qualifying times are based on the swimmer's age at the end of the year of the competition, so 31 December 2016 for the 2016 competition year. 

Links to the latest QTs can be found on this page.

British Swimming Changes 2014

What does it mean for you?

In 2014, British Swimming announced that they would be going ahead with their proposed competition structure changes, that were put out to consultation in June 2013. The changes will take effect from January 2015. Information regarding the changes have been released a bit at a time. We now have a fairly clear picture which is summarised below.

Nationals and UK Level

There will now be a new UK level competition that is a tier above the current format of nationals (English, Welsh & Scottish). Ages for these events will be determined on age of the swimmer at 31 December of the year of competition. The age groups will start at 13 years for the UK competition and 12 years for the home nations.

Qualification to the UK & home nation nationals will no longer be on times but by invitation based on rankings per event ie. top 24 for UK Nationals. The number for the home nations is not yet known but is likely to be the top 24-30. We do not yet know if you are invited for the UK event whether this will exclude you from the home nations event.

The rankings for the UK and home nations will be based on times obtained during a qualification window which is likely to be April & May (the dates are not yet confirmed). Times obtained outside this window will not be used for these events, so there is no point in chasing times outside the qualification window. The regionals are likely to be within this window. Please speak with your coaches regarding which events you should enter..

Regional Level (London Regionals)

We expect the Regionals to take place during the qualification window. The regional level competition will also to do away with the distinction of age group and youth. This will be age as of 31 December and will start from 11 years in the year of the competition. Again, please discuss with your coaches which meets you should enter.

County Level (Middlesex )

County level competitions will be run earlier in the year and in fact the Middlesex counties will be in January & February 2015. British Swimming is allowing each county to determine how they wish to run this level of competition ie. age banding for 2015. Middlesex have decided to use age as of end of year ie. 31 December.

The qualifying times have now been published - with ages starting 10/11 as of end of year. You will notice that for 2015 as well as an auto qualifying time there is also a consideration time. If you make the auto time this means you have qualified for the event. If you are outside the auto time but within the consideration time you are able to make an entry but you may be scratched (ie. your entry may be declined) as the county will limit the entries per event.

Given that the counties are in January 2015 it is important that you enter the Club Champs and other development events as published or recommended by your coach so that you are in the best position possible for the Middlesex counties and beyond.