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Results and times

There are two main sources for competition results: the ASA Results and Rankings website and the Hytek On-line database.

Meet Mobile

For our own galas we use the Meet Mobile app to provide results as they happen. See the flier under related documents on the right for more information.

ASA Rankings

Regional Competitions require swimmers to have achieved entry times at a Level 1, 2, or 3 meet. Results from these meets(1, 2, 3 & level 4) are added to National Ranking Database, These times are used used (by entry software) to check that swimmers are eligible for events at Regional Competitions. If your time is not on National Ranking we will need to justify the entry time to the Promoter ( eg meet took place yesterday, results are available from......).

To check you rankings or all your PB's and biographical info use the link below


The ASA site only holds times taken from licensed meets. If a swimmer took part in an unlicensed event, such as a TSC time trial or the Milton Keynes Junior League, then their times will not appear. However we will usually upload times to the Hytek database, so if you cannot find times on the ASA site, try there.

Using the Hytek site

To view a swimmer’s times

  • Go to the HyTek landing page (accessible from the main TSC website)
  • Click “Athletes” button on toolbar
  • Swimmers are stored in alphabetic order; navigate using the alphabet across the page
  • If you can’t see the swimmer you are looking for, either choose to show more per page (default is 20), or go to the next page.
  • Click “Times” in the first column
  • By default, HyTek will display any times that the swimmer has in Short Course Yard (25yds) pool
  • To view Short Course Metres (25m) times, change “Course” to read “SCM”
  • To view Long Course Metres (50m) times, change “Course” to read “LCM”
  • By default, the swimmers fastest times only are shown. You can change this by changing “Fastest” to 2, 3, 4, 5 or All

Why aren’t my son’s/daughter’s times appearing in the system?

If your son/daughter swam in an event managed by the club, or where the club managed swimmer entries, then their times will appear in the system. Times from other events can be entered in the system, but the club needs to be made aware of these events and provided with details. In order to record data , the following minimum information is required:

  • Name of event
  • Licence number (if known)
  • Location
  • Start and end date of event
  • Pool length (course)
  • Age-up date (this is usually the end date, but can be another date, often 31-Dec)
  • Details of events – this is usually a simple list, for example: Event 1 Boys 9-11 50m Freestyle, Event 2 Girls 13-15 200m Breaststroke, and so forth.
  • A list of results – times and ranking

Most licensed meets use some form of meet management software, for example HyTek’s Meet Manager. If you can, speak with the event organiser and see if they can provide a “HyTek results file”, which are normally in the form of a compressed data (zip) file.


Club policy for records and PBs

Swimmers and parents frequently ask about club records, club championship records and personal bests (PBs). This short guide is designed to go some way to addressing some of the more frequently asked questions. You can view current club records on our Club Records page.

Teddington Swimming Club utilises Hy-Tek’s Team Manager software to store results from galas, meets and competitions. Results naturally include swimmer performance times, for both individual and relay events. Hy-Tek has functionality which uses swimmer times to identify PBs and new records. But what constitutes a new PB or record, and why do some swims count and other don’t? Hopefully this will answer these and other questions you may have:

  1. Records for Long Course (50m pool) and Short Course (25m pool) are maintained separately.
  2. Club Records recognise age on the date of the swim Club
  3. Championship Records are based on age group ; Short Course (25m) only.
  4. Timekeepers must be officials of the gala/meet
  5. Records can be claimed for swims at licensed meets and galas recognised by the club
  6. Meets and galas must run under ASA guidelines, i.e. timekeepers and judges
  7. For galas, timekeepers must be at the finish end of the pool
  8. Personal bests (PBs) swum at club time trials will be recognised if they are held under race conditions, with correct starting equipment and judges
  9. No 25m records for 11yrs and above
  10. For relays, only the lead-off time is eligible for PBs and record and time must be recorded at lead-off leg finish end (either touch pads or time keeper)