Teddington Swimming Club
Teddington Swimming Club

Swimming kit list

Swimmers should arrive with the following equipment properly adjusted and in good working order prior to the start of each session.

Equipment and TSC branded items can be purchased from our partner Mailsports using discount code Tsc1815, see our Shop page for more information.

Training Kit

  • Swimming costume or trunks
  • Goggles (preferably two pairs)
  • Swimming hat (preferably Teddington)
  • Drinks bottles x2 (700ml+)
  • Pull buoy
  • DynoBand
  • Fins
  • Hand paddles
  • Finger paddles
  • Snorkel
  • Kick board
  • Skipping rope
  • There Band
  • Log Sheets

Competition Equipment

  • Racing costume and trunks
  • 2 x towels
  • 2 x pairs of goggles
  • Teddington swimming kit to be worn at all times
  • At least two drinks bottles (700ml+)
  • Snacks eg, energy bars/ bananas