Teddington Swimming Club
Teddington Swimming Club

Training guidelines

Listed below are some guidelines that should help you and those you swim with, train to the max.

Arrive on time. You should aim to get to the pool 10 minutes before the session begins, and be on the poolside 5 minutes before the session begins.

Read the board. So you know what the warm up is.

Know your speed. Be aware of how fast/slow you are compared to the others in your lane. For each set, organise yourselves in speed order. Remember, the fastest at frontcrawl may not be the fastest at breaststroke arms!

Pace yourself. Set off at the beginning of the set at a speed you can keep up for the whole set. Remember, if you drop out of the set, the people behind you lose out on their rest time.

If, in dire emergency you have to stop, you should:

  • Move out of the way of following swimmers i.e. DO NOT stop in the middle of the lane
  • Get out of the water as soon as possible

Give yourself room. Unless the coach sets a different spacing, set off 5 seconds after the swimmer in front so you can swim at your pace and not interfere with others’ turning.

Be Patient. If you catch up the person in front, do not hassle them, but DO

  • Change over during the rest interval on short sets
  • Tap the person in front on the foot ONCE just before the end of the length and change over at the turn

Swim with an empty bladder. Go to the loo before the session. You should not need to go to the loo during the session (no matter how hard the set is!), but if you must… go between sets and tell coach when you go.

Swim fully hydrated. Only use your water bottle during the rest periods between sets.

Move over. When you finish your swim, move out of the way of the swimmers behind you so they too can enjoy swimming a full final length - you may have to tread water to be out of their way.

And finally, enjoy it!